LUGANO wall system​

Go for a sleek, modern feel

The Lugano wall system can solve any storage challenge in the most beautiful way. It has been developed for organizing and storing today's many electronic devices. Keep all your equipment behind doors or in drawers so you can concentrate on enjoying great sound and vision.

With countless ways to customize LUGANO, it's only a matter of tinkering with configurations to make it fit your space. 

Looking sleek, elegant and exclusive, Lugano will solve all your storage needs without breaking a sweat. Lugano is designed with today’s technology in mind, making it perfect for electronics lovers, who still want to hide their cables, sound systems and devices. Show your treasures or hide your secrets with this modern wall system. Organising will never feel like a boring duty again.

With such a wide array of options, the hardest part really is taking the first step.

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