Contact our Cambridge store (highly recommended) so we can walk you through the customization options and help you put together your perfect table. Or, feeling adventurous? Visit our franchise website to try out all the combinations of colors, legs and more available with our tables.

Step 1: Contact Us (recommended)

Step 2: Customize on my own (optional)

Knowing exactly what configurations, colors and materials to choose for this table right away is a daunting task. Write us a message and we'll reach out to help you build your perfect table and maximize your room's potential.

By clicking the link above, you will be redirected to our BoConcept national franchise website, where you can select from our full collection of tables and start customizing. Be sure to give us a call afterwards so we can guide you through all the customization options and configurations of this table!

Or, pay us a visit in our showroom! We'll walk you through the configurations, colors, materials and collections to help you build your perfect table.

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